Go Outside offers great activity ideas for kids! Go Outside has provided activities & games that make Going Outside fun! Just pick an activity, read or print the instructions, and go have fun with the activity.
Ballon Tag

Grab some water balloons and string, then start stomping!

View Ballon Tag
Buddy Tag

You will need a few kids to play this fun tag game.

View Buddy Tag
Capture The Flag

Enjoy using team strategy to capture the opposing team's flag.

View Capture The Flag
Chain Hide & Seek

Don't look for the hiders by yourself, use a chain of friends.

View Chain Hide & Seek
Clothespin Tag

Find Mom's clothespins and get running.

View Clothespin Tag
Flashlight Tag

It needs to be dark outside to play this game of tag.

View Flashlight Tag
Follow The Leader Relay

Do what the leader commands as fast as you can.

View Follow The Leader Relay

A favorite classic that tests your balance skills.

View HopScotch

You will need a basketball and hoop to play Horse.

View Horse
I Spy

Look at your surroundings and see what you can spy.

View I Spy

All you need is a ball and some running room to get started.

View KickBall
Kick The Can

This hide and seek game really wants you to kick the can.

View Kick The Can
Red Light Green Light

Listen closely and run as fast as you can.

View Red Light Green Light

Hide and Seek, but only one hider!

View Sardines
Scavenger Hunt

Explore your area by having a scavenger hunt.

View Scavenger Hunt
Beach Ball Bumper Cars

Get ready for some bumping fun in the pool

View Activity
Basket Balloon

Just like basketball but with a balloon.

View Basket Balloon
Blind Water Balloon Toss

Choose a trusty partner so you don't get soaked.

View Blind Water Balloon Toss
Broom Ball

Not enough hockey sticks? No worries.

View Broom Ball

Cozy up with a warm fire.

View Bonfire

Explore the outdoors with a night of camping.

View Camping
Dodge Ball

A playground classic using rubber balls.

View Dodge Ball
Fly's Up Categories

Think quickly to choose an item from the category while the ball is up.

View Fly's Up Categories
Kite Flying

Enjoy a windy day by flying your kite.

View Kite Flying
Land, Sea or Air

A twist on Simon Says that's is sure to get you jumping.

View Land, Sea or Air
Red Rover

Do you have a tight grip?

View Red Rover
Roller Blading

Explore your area by roller blading.

View Roller Blading
Star Gazing

Learn about the constellations by spending an evening outside with the stars.

View Star Gazing
Three Fly's Up

Practice your behind-the-back tossing.

View Three Fly's Up
Tree House

Put your carpenter skills to use and create your very own unique tree house.

View Tree House
Fly's Up Categories

Try not to be "IT"

View Fly's Up Categories
Four Square

Are you the King of the Squares?

View Four Square
Kite Flying

High flying fun

View Kite Flying
Land, Sea or Air

Get ready to jump!

View Land, Sea or Air
Red Rover

Won't you come over.

View Red Rover
Roller Blading

Let's get rolling!

View Roller Blading
Roller Hockey

Who needs ice to play hockey.

View Roller Hockey
Star Gazing

Starry, starry night.

View Star Gazing
Three Fly's Up

Ready, set , catch!

View Three Fly's Up
Tree House

Welcome to your very own castle!

View Tree House
Basketball Dribble

How fast can you go?

View Basketball Dribble
Crab Soccer


View Crab Soccer
Croquet Relay

Knock your way through the course.

View Croquet Relay
Duck Duck Goose

Get ready to run little goose.

View Duck Duck Goose
Garden Growing

How does your garden grow?

View Garden Growing
Hawaiian Bowling

Don't knock down those pins!

View Hawaiian Bowling
Marshmallow Catch

A delicious game!

View Marshmallow Catch
Mother May I

Obey your mother!

View Mother May I
Outdoor Bowling


View Outdoor Bowling
Pick Your Own Fruit

A yummy treat!

View Pick Your Own Fruit

Answer the call!

View Popcorn
Seal Soccer

She shoots, she scores!

View Seal Soccer
Sound Map

Put your listening ears on!

View Sound Map
Stalking the Drum

Find your beat!

View Stalking the Drum
Steal the Bacon

Get that bacon!

View Steal the Bacon
Three Ball Relay

Use your head!

View Three Ball Relay
Three Legged Race

Work together!

View Three Legged Race
Tied in Knots

It's knot that easy!

View Tied in Knots
Toothbrush Relay

Balance is the key!

View Toothbrush Relay
Beach Ball Bumper

Balance is the key!

View Beach Ball Bumper
Bed Sheet Ping Pong

Don't ping when you can pong!

View Bed Sheet Ping Pong
Beach Ball Race

Swim fast!

View Beach Ball Race
Crocodile Race

Do the crocodile rock!

View Crocodile Race
Dolphin Relay

Go Flipper!

View Dolphin Relay
Hole in the Bucket

Fill it up!

View Hole in the Bucket
Ice Cube Melt

A chilly challenge.

View Ice Cube Melt
Ice Cubes and Piggies

This little piggy got cold.

View Ice Cubes and Piggies
Jump Rope Water Splash

Smooth is the key!

View Jump Rope Water Splash
Lion and Mouse Tag

Run little mouse!

View Lion and Mouse Tag
Marco Polo

A fun pool game.

View Marco Polo
Over Under Sponge Relay

Let's get a little wet!

View Over Under Sponge Relay
Poison Pool Toss

Get them outta here!

View Poison Pool Toss
Sharks and Mermaids

Don't get eaten!

View Sharks and Mermaids
Shaving Cream Shoot Off

Shoot that target!

View Shaving Cream Shoot Off
Sponge Toss Contest

Toss it fast!

View Sponge Toss Contest
Sweatshirt Pool Race

Its wet and fun!

View Sweatshirt Pool Race
Trash Target

Block those balloons!

View Trash Target
Tugboat Relay Race

Pull little tugboat!

View Tugboat Relay Race
Underwater Balloon Race

It's a blast!

View Underwater Balloon Race
Underwater Football

Hold your breath!

View Underwater Football
Water Balloon Dodgeball

Dodge or get wet!

View Water Balloon Dodgeball
Water Balloon Relay Race

Now that's a wet seat!

View Water Balloon Relay Race
Wave Game

Get me out of jail!

View Wave Game
Wet Sweatshirt Dunk

A wet way to have a fun day!

View Wet Sweatshirt Dunk
5 Pin Soccer

Knock down the pins!

View 5 Pin Soccer
Balloon Head Race

Use your head!

View Balloon Head Race
Blinded Ball Retrieval

Listen closely.

View Blinded Ball Retrieval

How fast can you creep?

View Caterpillar
Chair Relay

Sit down now get up!

View Chair Relay

Don't get tagged!

View Corners
Five Dollars

Make that catch!

View Five Dollars
Freeze Tag

Save your friends!

View Freeze Tag
Hula Hoop Horseshoe

Make that toss!

View Hula Hoop Horseshoe
Human Chain

Don't break the chain!

View Human Chain
Lily Pad Leap

Don't get caught!

View Lily Pad Leap
Mountain Biking

Go for a ride!

View Mountain Biking
Lily Pad Leap

Don't get caught!

View Lily Pad Leap
Obstacle Course

How fast can you go!

View Obstacle Course
Pea Shelling Race

Pick them peas!

View Pea Shelling Race
Penny Pool Toss

Find the treasure!

View Penny Pool Toss
Raindrops Relay

Its raining, its pouring!

View Raindrops Relay
Rope Skipping Relay

Skip fast!

View Rope Skipping Relay
Tug of War

Pull hard!

View Tug of War
Water Balloon Fight

take aim!

View Water Balloon Fight
Water Balloon Volleyball

It's a splash!

View Water Balloon Volleyball
Water Limbo

How low can you go?

View Water Limbo
Watermelon Relay

Push that melon!

View Watermelon Relay
Wet Twister

Slippery fun!

View Wet Twister
Wolf's Dinner Time

Don’t get eaten!

View Wolf's Dinner Time

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