The Go Outside Field Trips

The Go Outside Field Trip program brings students to state parks where they participate in outdoor learning/experience stations. The stations provide environmental education, teach conservation, and promote an appreciation of the outdoors while introducing the children to exciting outdoor recreation opportunities. Children will rotate through the stations participating in a variety of outdoor activities.

High School Mentorship Program

The high school mentorship program trains high school students prior to field trips, preparing them to serve as peer instructors for the Outside Kid's Field Trips. The high school students gain valuable planning, organizational and leadership experience while giving back to their school districts by serving the younger students. As the high school mentors engage with the participants, the younger students bond with their peers and are exposed to the idea of serving others.

The activity / experience stations are:
  • Take a Hike Instructors will lead the children on a hike utilizing the trails at the Park. During the hike the instructors will teach trail etiquette, point out animal tracks, native vegetation and geological structures.
  • Ear & Eye Safari The children will participate in an Ear & Eye Safari where they can move around or sit in an area and record geological structures, plants and animals that they view through binoculars or hear during the safari.
  • Welcome to Our Campsite Instructors will lead children in a basic overview of the gear required for camping including how to use the gear. Children will participate in a hands-on experience of pitching a tent and arranging a camping site with supplied camping equipment including a race to see which team can pitch their tent the fastest.
  • Backwoods Olympics Children will compete in a variety of fun and challenging outdoor games and competitions.
  • Paddle Time Children will be taught the basics of kayaking & stand up paddle boarding and get to experience paddling in a group led excursion.
  • Outdoor Classroom This station is often be led by a park ranger and children will be taught from one of the rangers or a Go Outside presentation such as conservation, native plants and animals or fire building.
  • What's In The Lake Children will be supplied with a rod & reel and taught how to fish. Instructors will also use a cast net and seine to see what they can catch near shore.
  • Snap Shot Children will be supplied with an iPod and asked to take nature photographs. After taking their photographs, the children will share their favorite images with the group on a monitor.
  • Scavenger Hunt Children are paired off and given a clipboard with an outdoor scavenger hunt. The teams try to discover as many of the items as possible in a given amount of time.
  • Climb On Instructors will lead children as they participate in one or more of the following activities: rock climbing, rappelling & slacklining. The slacklines have an overhead cable with a ninja line (various hanging grips) or a trolley which aids in the participants balance as they learn to slackline.

Outside kids Field Trips introduce children to a variety of fun and exciting outdoor activities while also achieving the Go Outside mission which is to promote an appreciation of the outdoors and healthy lifestyles in children through positive outdoor experiences, physical activity and education.

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